14th - 15th October 2017
Caldicot Castle
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Look and Learn

Saturday 11:30 - Mead Farm

Lawrence and Izabela Hembrow from Mead Farm will introduce you to the freshest milk you ever tasted. They will bring along their mechanical cow to show how milk is produced and how to make delicious drinks from the milk.


Saturday 12:30 - Guide Dogs

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be blind and have to manage by yourself? Come along to meet Nathan Foy and his Guide Dog Mason. Together they make a great team. Nathan will explain the gadgets that blind people can use to help them with everyday tasks. You may even be able to try some of them out for yourself.


Saturday 1:30 - Black Mountain Gold Chocolate

Calling all chocoholics! Jules James is truly a master of chocolate. He has a passion for and knowledge of chocolate which is hard to beat. He will teach you have to temper chocolate, make ganache, dip truffles and much more.


Saturday 2:30 - Gillow Cider

David Fletcher from Gillow Cider will give a tutored cider tasting. Learn about different varieties of cider both single variety and blended and find the one that you prefer.

N.B. You must be at least 18 years old to attend


Sunday 11:30 - Haven Distillery

Duncan Fox of Haven Distillery will give a masterclass in Premier London Gin. For those interested in the distilling of spirits come and listen to a master.

N.B. You must be at least 18 years old to attend


Sunday 12:30 - Mead Farm

Milk isn’t just something that you put in your tea, there is far more to it than that. Mead Farm will give a “Master class in Milk”. They will show where milk comes from with the aid of their “Wooden Cow”, its nutritional goodness, how to use it and how to make delicious smoothies. This one for all the family so don’t forget to bring the children along to.


Sunday 1:30 - Golden Valley Meat

Summer is just around the corner so time to learn how to cook perfect the perfect BBQ. Adrian from Golden Valley Meat is an accredited master butcher who will demonstrate the best cuts of meat for the BBQ and how to cook them.


Sunday 2:30 - Gwent Beekeepers

John Holden from Gwent Beekeepers will be on hand to tell us why bees are so essential for our food production worldwide. Bees are fascinating insects and John will have a demonstration hive to show the inner workings of bee society.